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Bmw s1000rr – 199 cv may seem a figure of power more than reasonable for ordinary mortals. However, for Steven Decaluw√©, owner of Motokouture Motorcycles, 200 HP barrier was not high enough to move his latest creation, a BMW S1000RR nicknamed ‘ #92 VDC/MK30 ‘, a name that pays homage to a friend of his, Cooremeter Vick, a Belgian pilot who lost his life three years ago.

When the German superbike went into his garage, Steven was very clear what he had to do. “BMW put it me hard, it presented me a motorcycle sport high-tech, full of electronics, with a chassis, an engine and excellent performance,” says this Belgian portal “I was bored batch moderation in the so-called ‘custom scene’, I found my inspiration from scratch, without rules, without expectations”.

Another of the elements that have worked thoroughly in this ‘ #92 VDC/MK30 ‘ is your colin, completely artenasal, with space to save all the electronics of the bike; the seat, hand-sewn in authentic guy, is the work of Sophie, the wife of Steven.

In short, is a unique bike, a real beast capable of putting in a pickle motorcycle, so exclusive as the Kawasaki H2R thanks to the injection of horses that receives its 4-cylinder engine, which now touches the barrier of the 300 HP.

The bike will be on display this weekend exposed to the public on the Brussels Motorshow.


BMW S1000RR HP4 2016 – BMW Motos, 2016 BMW s1ooorr Street Fighter Bike Sounds, Akrapovic Sounds.

The changes of this BMW turbo do not end here

The rear swingarm is new, carbon fiber, while the tires are now forged-aluminum, inherited from HP4 version. The series of the S1000RR exhaust gives way to a complete system Spark entirely made of titanium, while front fork gives way inside to a full spring, cartridges and oil Ohlins kit to improve their performance.

New exhaust for the BMW S1000RR of Scorpion

The German Superbike refines its sound with the new GP RP-1 of the British firm Scorpion

Scorpion has composed a new soundtrack for the BMW S1000RR with a new instrument that gets strong, full sound while improving aesthetics with an aspect more than racing series exhaust. The RP-1 GP becomes the German Superbike with all the technology that the British firm has developed in competition and which has been applied to the street. This escape model does not require reprogramming of the switchboard and installs easily. Them tests made in the Bank of power reflect that the impressive benefits of series of the S1000RR not only is keep but even increases in 1cv the power real in all the range of revolutions with the RP-1 GP. Thanks to the use of lightweight materials, Scorpion has achieved a reduction of the weight of the BMW S1000RR at 3.3 kg. RP1-GP only weighs 800 grams, against the 4.1 kg. the original equipment.

The only question you’ll have is the choice between the two versions, the new GP RP-1 for S1000RR is manufactured with finishes in carbon fibre and titanium, both with a sporty look that will make you feel like an official pilot. Both endings are the same price, 975,74 euros VAT included.