2017 Honda Grom. Reviews, Features, Specs, Photos and Videos

Honda Grom
Honda Grom 2017Honda Grom 2017
Have you heard of the Honda Grom? If so, then you will be surprised by the new updates in the 2017 version.

The most notorious is the aggressiveness of the bodywork, its many colors to choose from, and its novel LED headlights. On the other hand it also has two levels of seating, low profile muffler, and its tail is pronouncedly defined.
Certain things remain the same in the Honda Grom, such as its classic engine of 125cc.Without a doubt, it is a magnificent motorcycle and offers a lot of entertainment when you are riding it. Thanks to its design, riders feel safe and free of intimidation.
The Honda Grom takes a very relevant value when it comes to pricing given it is very affordable compared to similar options in the market. Plus, it is extremely convenient for parking purposes due to its compact dimensions.
Everybody that sees a Grom cannot stop stare it down.
It has 4 cylinders with refrigeration.

Specifications and technical characteristics of the Honda Grom 2017


Type of engine 124.9cc using 4 cylinder with refrigeration.
Diameter and stroke 52.4mm x 57.9mm.
Compression size 9.3: 1.
PGM-FI InductionAutomatic enrichment.
Electronic ignition.
Type SOHC valves; Each cylinder uses two valves.


It implements a transmissionfor the speed box.
Chains in the last transmission.

Video MC COMMUTE – 2017 Honda Grom


In the front train it uses a 31 mm transmission, reverse fork; 3.9 inches of travel.
Back train suspension.
Simple shock with steel box section swing arm; 4,1 inches of travel.
Uses simple discs on the front brakes of 220 mm with double piston hydraulic clamp.
Rear brake 190 mm single disc with hydraulic hooks and uses a single piston.
Front Rubber 120 / 70-12.
Rear Rubber 130 / 70-12.


Rake 25 °
Trail 81 mm (3.2 inches)
47.2 Inch Metric
The seat has a height of 30 inches.
It has a 1.45 gallon capacity fuel capacity.
In vacuum it reaches a weight of 229 pounds (with all the equipment incorporated, the fluids that needs and the tank full of fuel)
Miles Per Gallon 134 MPG – Honda’s average fuel economy is based on processes and tests that measure exhaust emissions from the EPA and were designed only for these purposes. It depends on how the person uses the mileage show their variations, influences how you give maintenance, time, where you travel, the condition of the tires, passenger load, accessories that incorporates, and many more things.
Model ID Grom125
This amazing motorcycle comes in the following colors:
Metallic Gray Metallic, Pearl Red, Pearl White, Shiny Yellow.

One-year limited warranty for unlimited mileage; Extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.


This time Honda came to make the difference and without a doubt one of the things Grom has that is unmatched is the backing and prestige of Honda, this without doubt offers quality and confidence.
Other companies would think twice about making a budget for this type of motorcycle, but this does not happen with Honda, and of course also in the Grom.
Honda has implemented the same technology and engineering of all its machines in its Grom.

Screen of the Honda Grom:

The display shows the speedometer, odometer, tachometer, A & B trip counter, fuel marker, clock and low / high beam marker.

Four Transmission Speeds:

This incredible motorcycle has a very competent durability thanks to its four speeds in its transmission.

Innovative LED Headlamp:

The innovative Grom projector headlamp, in addition to being amazing and part of the main structure of the design, provides a very optimum and superior illumination.

Inverted Fork in its Suspension:

Like the big motorcycles, the Grom has an inverted front hydraulic suspension, which gives you more control and greater feel of the track.

10-spoke and 12-inch tires:

With a lot of strength and resistance, they are cast wheels and wide tires, which is exactly what the city rider needs.

Fuel Injector and 125cc Engine:

No one can match Honda in terms of engines, as we know that the Grom is a compact machine, however, in performance and optimization is incomparable in its class.