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1963 Westcoaster Mailster - Vintage 3 Wheel Postal Truck

1 - Autor: 39crosley
Category: Autos & Vehicles
Published: 2009-08-16

1963 Westcoaster Mailster - Vintage 3 Wheel Postal Truck. Our 1963 Westcoaster Mailster. Obviously, it's a former postal truck. It's all original right down to the rebuilt Onan engine and Ampco windshield washer water bag. Well, the dual exhaust might be slightly non-stock....
This video was taken on 2009-08-16 by 39crosley.

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[Michael Walter] The Post Office had a lot of problems with these. They wouldn't handle steep hills or snowy roads with a few hundred pounds of mail on board.
[Groovie Gman] How fast do they things go?
[rick sprague] JUST BOUGHT THIS WESTCOASTER,,,,,,,,Its new home is RACINE WISCONSIN,,,,,,,,Having lots of fun with it...........
[toothdok50] Love the Mailster... My grandfather who was a head custodian at a local college gave me one of these when I was about 13 years old. It was painted dark green and was used for college mail delivery. When I got it, it didn't run and I tried as best I could as a 13 and 14 year old to get it running. Parts weren't easy to come by and finances to fix it up were limited. Gave up and let a guy in my neighborhood have it. Seeing this beauty fixed up make me sorry I didn't get that baby fixed up.
[Lee Rider] I love the way he re-painted it the...U.S. Male....not 1958 sits in the shed waitting ' waitting .............some-day my shop truck-3-wheeler
[DTD110865] If I recall though, when these were made, the USPO's trucks were blue on the bottom and white on the top with that same red stripe going down the middle.
[r bull] amazing! The oldest letter carrier still on active duty is 87 years old, he started carrying mail in 1948 I know he remembers these. I like them and this one is outstanding.
[39crosley] Parts are hard to come by. You can find Onan parts on ebay, but not too much for the Westcoaster, although every once in a while stuff shows up. Maybe JoeBudious from the post below has spares??
[eyeball] People usually think the Westcoaster was made by Cushman, but wasn't it actually made by Rand Corporation? The Westcoaster was notorious for tipping over and if there was 3 inches of snow on the ground, it was useless, plus it had a lot of mechanical problems. I had a friend in high school in the early 70s who had an old used one and he popped wheelies in it with me sitting in the very back.
2 - [Matthew Smith] The Westcoaster was made by Otis Westcoaster, who also made elevators. The Rand corporation had a subsidiary called United Fiberglass in MN, who was mired in corruption and was siphoning federal funds to Rand. They had a contract in 1965 to produce about 12-13,000 vehicles, before the contract was cancelled in '67. Many of the parts on the Westcoaster are interchangeable, like the Master Cylinder which can use Triumph Spitfire parts. Many of the Onan parts are found at Cummins dealers now.
[Lee Rider] I love the way he re-painted it the...U.S. Male....not 1958 sits in the shed waitting ' waitting .............some-day my shop truck-3-wheeler
[bullshavocki] Your right, I started with P.O. in 1969 and that was the color scheme untill the mid 70's when they went to white/
[Meagan Thomason] I have one for sale
[joe budi] I have 2! One running and one for parts!!
[39crosley] There were several paint schemes overall. One like you mention, and another original paint scheme is similar to how this one is painted. An original like this one is on display in the Smithsonian as part of the National Postal Museum and can be viewed at:'cmd=1'id=17855'img=1'pg=2
[bullshavocki] Drove a Rand Mailster for a couple of years. Great to work out of, unless you had steep hills to climb. Also pretty easy to turn over, and they did tend to vapor lock in the summer here in Texas. But all in all I liked them, had column three speed shift just like a car.
[will kost] i want one

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